We asked Industry what You Needed

myfreightcareer and Front-Line Resources Management constantly strive to deliver what our industry needs.

To that end we asked our customers what they were looking for when employing a “new entrant”to the industry. The resounding message received was that the “new entrant employee” had to be “Job Ready”.

“Job Ready”was seen as someone who understood the basics of freight forwarding and was familiar with freight forwarding software packages.

With that in mind we developed the course that we believe delivers “Job Ready” new entrant employees to the market and are excited to announce that our next batch of “Job Ready” Trainees and Permanent and Temporary Employees are ready to hit the street.

What makes them “Job Ready”

We put the participants through 50 hours of training over 2 weeks, resulting in them obtaining 4 units of the Certificate III in International Freight Forwarding. We use Cargowise1 in the training.

Obviously this is a benefit to companies using Cargowise1, but even those companies using other systems benefit from the exposure, as the participants understand what information is required to be input to any freight forwarding software program and where it is located on import/export documentation.

Our “Job Ready” Trainees and Permanent and Temporary Employees have successfully completed the following units from the Certificate III in International Freight Forwarding

1. TLIA2009 Complete and check import/export documentation
2. TLIE3002 Estimate/calculate mass, area and quantify dimensions
3. TLII0002 Provide freight forwarding information and customer service
4. TLIK2007 Perform electronic data Interchange to transmit shipping documentation

Don’t Miss Out

Act quickly as these quality candidates will disappear.

These “Job Ready” candidates are the answer, whether you are looking for:
• a Trainee;
• a Permanent Employee; or
• a Temporary Employee

Winner Announced – Freight Forwarding & Customs Broking Industry Survey

Congratulations Joseph Franks

Recently myfreightcareer/Front-Line Resources Management, HLB Mann Judd and AFIF attended the offices of Manton Air-Sea and presented Manager – Continuous Improvement & Ocean, Joseph Franks with a bottle of Penfolds Bin 389.

2017 Survey Winner
A big thank you to those who participated in the Freight Forwarding & Customs Broking Industry Survey 2017.

We will be launching the report shortly. A copy of the report will be made available to those who participated in the survey.

Skills Survey of the Australian International Transport and Logistics Industry

The online survey is part of a larger AFIF project entitled “Crucial Skills”, which is designed to thoroughly research the status of education, training and recruitment in the International Transport & Logistics industries and then compare this to industry expectations.

This survey is funded by the Industry Trade and Transport Development Fund (ITDF). AFIF are seeking input from the International Freight Forwarding, Customs Broking, Air Express and Maritime Shipping industries as well as Importers, Exporters and Border Control specialists.

It is being conducted by Macquarie University, with information collected treated as confidential. Survey results will only be reported by industry sector. To complete the 10 minute survey, please click on the following link: https://www.research.net/r/Current_future_skills

We strongly urge you to participate in this important survey relating to the promotion of our industry. It is hoped the project will significantly increase the number of quality people wishing to join our industries.