Staff development

Grow your business.

We provide a wide range of short courses to enhance the knowledge and skills of your staff. Short courses are an effective way to support your employer offer through offering professional development opportunities to staff, while enhancing your business capability and collective skill set.

As an industry leading educator, our history of success sets our training and development apart from other training providers.

We have a comprehensive range of short courses available, but also work with industry, companies and government to offer tailored solutions to suit any need.

Short courses:

  • Overview International Freight Forwarding and Customs (Air and Ocean)
  • Customs Operations and Documentation Training
  • Export Declaration Number Training
  • Introduction to International Freight Forwarding and Customs (Air and Ocean)
  • Introduction to freight forwarding procedures
  • Customer service
  • Export Air/Sea procedures
  • Import Air/Sea procedures
  • Chain of Responsibility

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If you’re interested in staff development with Australia’s leading international freight forwarding and logistics training provider, send us an enquiry below. A member of our service team will give you a no obligations call to answer any questions you might have about short courses with My Freight Career.