We were slightly bemused this week by the announcement concerning the Australian Customs & Border Protection Services’ (ACBPS) shift of focus on Customs Broker Licensing requirements, principally in regard to the National Examination. Of particular interest was the fact that the announcement was not made by the ACBPS.

As one of the two current providers of National Examinations, we were surprised that the ACBPS had not advised myfreightcareer of this change of focus. Industry appears to have had a similar reaction, as we continue to receive a significant number of enquiries from people concerned about how the “realigned focus” would affect them.

We sought clarification from the ACBPS, who confirmed that they have not had a “shift in focus” and will continue to manage the licensing of Customs Brokers in accordance with the guidelines described in ACBPN2013/21. Persons contemplating applying for a Customs Brokers Licence should ensure they read and understand this ACN as it clearly defines the process followed by the ACBPS.

Those people who are currently completing the recently superseded 11 Unit “Customs Brokers Course”, take heart. When announcing, in ACBPN2014/22, that the “Customs Brokers Course” was being replaced by the Diploma of Customs Broking, the ACBPS commented that “RTOs are no longer accepting enrolments in the current course of study but will continue to offer units in that course of study until the end of Semester 2, 2015”. In other words, you do not need to transition to the Diploma of Customs Broking if you will complete the “Customs Brokers Course” by the end of the second semester next year.

We can assure aspiring Customs Brokers that myfreightcareer will continue to hold our version of the National Examination, the myfreightcareer Customs Broking Experience Assessment , until such time as the ACBPS advise that they will no longer have any regard to National Examination results, when considering an application for a Customs Broker Licence.

We agree that it is timely for the ACBPS to engage with Industry concerning the licensing of Customs Brokers, but believe that engagement should capture all stakeholders who are impacted by the range of duties performed by Customs Brokers. Please feel free to contact myfreightcareer if you have any concerns or questions about the licensing of Customs Brokers.

We will be discussing this matter in greater detail with the ACBPS and will happy to include issues raised by our readers in that discussion. We are offering you the chance to be heard.

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