Announcing the “frmSTAFF & mfc Behavioural Framework”

Front-Line Resources Management (frmSTAFF) and myfreightcareer (mfc) are excited to announce the introduction of an innovative new methodology to select candidates for the freight forwarding and logistics industries.

There is currently little rigour behind the selection of people in our industry but frmSTAFF & mfc have built a behavioural framework which will allow it to better predict those candidates who will perform in your business – it is a success profile that maps out the behaviours of top performers in our industry.

The “frmSTAFF & mfc Behavioural Framework” dramatically increases the objectivity of the selection process – it will be our guide and benchmark when assessing and selecting the candidates we recommend to you, and will help us to predict performance more accurately.

What’s more, frmSTAFF & mfc are now meticulously evaluating a candidates motivational fit for the industry.  This means we are not only looking at whether people have the skills to do the job but whether they will actually apply those skills in a driven and sustainable way.   Assessing a candidate’s motivational fit will dramatically increase retention rates in our industry.

Our new approach to selecting people for our industry will help us to serve our clients better. Talk to us to find out how you can benefit too.

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