The ACBPS does not necessarily agree with the views expressed by the CBFCA

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service have released ACBPN 2015/17 in response to an article distributed by the CBFCA claiming that “The ACBPS has determined that the weight given to the National Examination as a form of evidence of acquired experience has declined significantly.”

In the ACBPN they advise:

“The ACBPS does not necessarily agree with the views expressed by the CBFCA”


“Myfreightcareer continues to offer its Customs Broking Experience Assessment.”

The ACBPS sought to further clarify the issue by stating:

“In the light of comments made by the CBFCA, and in the interests of providing guidance to those individuals thinking of applying for a customs broker licence, the ACBPS advises that its position on acquired experience, as outlined in ACBPN No. 2013/21, remains unchanged.

Furthermore, the weighting given by the ACBPS and the National Customs Brokers Licensing Advisory Committee (NCBLAC) to the completion of a national examination or assessment has not changed in recent years.”

We strongly recommend that persons intending to apply for a Customs Brokers Licence should:

1. closely read ACBPNs 2013/21 and ACBPN 2015-17.

2. take particular notice of the following ACBPS advice concerning “Acquired Experience”:

“The ACBPS and NCBLAC will continue to have regard to the completion of any national examination or assessment as one element in assessing whether or not an applicant has “acquired experience that fits them to be a Customs Broker”.  Both the ACBPS and NCBLAC place greater importance, however, on the relevant work experience of the applicant.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the next myfreightcareer Customs Broking Experience Assessment, which is scheduled for Saturday 15 August 2015,  please contact myfreightcareer.




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