The Blackest Day in Australian Sport Revisited

When reading a recent sermon from the mount from one of our industry bodies concerning “unscrupulous behaviour by private training colleges”, we couldn’t help but reflect on the infamous announcement of the “Blackest Day in Australian Sport”. Close consideration of the content of their epistle shows that it contains the same level of substance as that much maligned announcement.

For those who haven’t seen it, the article references the fact that an unspecified number of private training colleges have been rorting Government funding, provided to support vocational training. The motherhood statements contained in the article do not attempt to quantify the number of organisations involved in the rorting. While vague reference is made to an instance of a large training company purchasing a smaller training company for a “not small” sum, the article does not explain whether none, one or both of these companies were guilty of rorting, nor does it identify the companies involved. Better to cast a wide net over an entire industry. Sound familiar?

How did they seek to distance themselves from the activities of these rogue RTOs that have caused the public to be horrified and which they have viewed “with an equal amount of abhorrence”?

The only evident differentiator was that they are a “not for profit” entity, as opposed to other “so called colleges”, who have one clear motive – “unqualified profit”.

I hope those of you that also work for organisations that seek to make a profit can all sleep comfortably tonight.

Is this the “Blackest Day in Vocational Training”? We will leave you to make up your own mind.


A Duet of Diplomas

November 29, 2016

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