A Trio of Diplomas

Diploma of International Freight Forwarding

myfreightcareer’s Diploma of International Freight Forwarding has been developed to provide the learning and understanding at an advanced level for senior personnel in the International Freight Forwarding Industry. The qualification is designed for those working in advanced international freight forwarding roles and seeks to equip participants in the development of strategic initiatives as well as personal responsibility and autonomy in performing complex technical operations or organising others.

Successful completion will require the self-directed application of acquired knowledge and skills, with substantial depth in areas where it is required to plan and select appropriate equipment, services and techniques for self and others.

Diploma of Logistics

A general qualification for the integrated management of logistics. It is designed to prepare participants for managerial roles in the Supply Chain, Logistics Operations, Distribution Centres, Inventory Management and Road Transport.

Successful completion of the Diploma will assist the development of the skills necessary to manage logistic enterprises, including the ability to implement, monitor and improve operational procedures, productivity, inventory requirements, the movement of domestic and international freight, compliance, fiscal management, customer service and industrial relations.

Diploma of Customs Broking

This qualification is designed to prepare participants for customs broker job roles within the transport and logistics industry. The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, in ACBPN 2104/22 identified this diploma as “the approved course of study for a customs brokers licence”, while the Department of Agriculture recognise successful completion of the Biosecurity Unit of this diploma as acceptable evidence of a person’s competency when assessing persons for accreditation in their NCCC and AEPCOMM schemes.

myfreightcareer is well known as a leader in innovative training for our Industry and these Diplomas continue that trend. If you would like to know more please email us.


A Duet of Diplomas

November 29, 2016

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