What advantage do I gain by hosting a myfreightcareer Trainee?

Our clients often question why they should consider a myfreightcareer trainee to fill a job vacancy.

The following table compares the cost of employing a trainee as opposed to employing a permanent staff member.

Why a Trainee

The cost differential is minimal and using a myfreightcareer trainee delivers the following benefits to a participating host employer:

1. Recruitment is done for you (cost and time savings)
2. Approximately 35 “face to face” training sessions at your premises per year, delivering 35 hours of industry specific training per year
3. Targeted training to resolve any issues
4. Attendance at an Industry Related training course at no cost to the Host Employer
          a. e.g. Dangerous Goods, AFIF presented courses
5. HR Management
          a. payroll administration costs
          b. personal issue management
          c. trainee performance monitoring
          d. mentoring
          e. sourcing of a replacement trainee, if required
6. Proven history of higher staff retention rates for myfreightcareer Graduates

           We think the answer to the question:  “Why consider a Trainee” is:

                                                              Why Not?

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