FIATA recognises our Diploma of International Freight Forwarding

myfreightcareer & AFIF have collaborated for more than 10 years to develop and deliver:
• Freight Forwarding Procedures Training
• Continuing Professional Development Seminars
• Industry Briefings
• An Inaugural Industry Benchmark Survey

In our latest collaboration, seeking FIATA validation of the Diploma of International Freight Forwarding delivered by myfreightcareer, AFIF and myfreightcareer tendered a detailed submission to FIATA and presented to the FIATA Congress 2015  in Taiwan, .

We are pleased to announce that FIATA have confirmed that persons successfully completing myfreightcareer’s Diploma of International Freight Forwarding will be able to lodge an application with AFIF, seeking award of the internationally recognised FIATA Diploma of Freight Forwarding.

If the thought of gaining international recognition of your ability appeals to you please contact us.

If you have already completed the myfreightcareer Diploma of International Freight Forwarding and would like to have that achievement recognised internationally please contact AFIF now.


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September 8, 2016

November 20, 2014

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